This season, teachers have gone the distance

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Along with his work in the classroom, January is a passionate musician himself; certainly one of his songs, Nuoriso (‘Youth’), has actually climbed the ranks to best 50 viral songs for Spotify Finland.

When Finland colleges went virtual for COVID-19, January Nyberg, a music teacher with Ylästö school, had to figure out how to maintain teaching music to students with out musical instruments at home. Jan a new Google Web site to post creative, remote-friendly assignments to keep his students involved and learning.

For just one assignment, students called their grandma and grandpa to learn about intergenerational experiences along with music, and shared their results with the rest of the class. This was the welcome call for many of the elderly who have been isolated during lockdown. What was every site for his own class provides since evolved into a resource for educational institutions across the country; other Finnish music instructors are also using Jan’s site to get inspiration.

Hearing tales like these every day is easily the best part associated with my job. While each tale is unique, all of them embody an important reality: while technology can be a powerful device in education, no technology may ever replace a great teacher. Thanks a lot to every educator who brings their own creativity and passion to their learners every day. Today—and every day—we are usually thankful for what you do.

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