Maxeme Tuchman drew from her “past lives” to create Caribu

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You’ve worked across politics, education and business. How have your “past lives” informed your entrepreneurship?  

All the skills I picked up in my past jobs have helped me be an entrepreneur. Every day I have to create something out of nothing, wear multiple hats (and pretend I’m an expert in all of them), manage and recruit teams and then make and raise money. You don’t pick up all of those skills at one company or by staying in one industry.

My commitment to educational equity began very early on in life, but it really amplified as a Teach For America corps member, teaching 480 high school students in inner-city Miami. That experience led me to work on educational innovation projects with organizations such as the Harlem Children’s Zone, DC Public Schools and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Before co-founding Caribu, I was appointed by President Obama to serve as a senior policy advisor and White House Fellow at the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Prior to that, I served as the Executive Director of Teach For America Miami-Dade and was responsible for cultivating over $15 million of private and public support in service of over 500 teachers and alumni. Earlier in my career, I co-created the NYC Civic Corps and managed The NYC Waterfalls art installation, bringing in $69 million of economic impact to the city.

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